Thanos Pagkidis
Thanos Pagkidis YouTube Profile Pic
Vital statistics
Position Greece
Age 16
Status Alive (and Well)
Physical attributes
Height 6'2"
Weight 100Kg

Thanos Pagkidis is a Small YouTube Channel, who made a Remake of Super Minecraft Kid's Animated Series "Minecraft ANIMATED!", renaming it as "Super Minecraft Kid: Remastered Adventures". His content is usually Anime Shitposts and Small Fandubs.

Super Minecraft Kid: Remastered Adventures Edit

Super Minecraft Kid: Remastered Adventures is Thanos' Remake on Super Minecraft Kid's "minecraft ANIMATED!". He and his Friend Steven Julien have already finished the Entire Original Series.

SMK Remastered Animation Quality Edit

SMK Remastered Adventures Screenshot

The Quality has improved DRASTICALLY, and its made in the same Software SMK used (MS Paint).

Super Minecraft Kid: Season 2 Edit

Thanos has Confirmed that him and Steven Julien are working on a Season 2. They have already made an Opening.

Trivia Edit

  • He's Bi.
  • He likes Minecraft, but his small sister ruined his experience with it.
  • He has a PS3 (HA!!! OLD FART!!!)
  • He's TALL!!!

Link to his YouTube Channel Edit