Team Fortress 2 (Or TF2) is a free to play Valve produced game. It's supported by Orange Box and is a sequel to "Quake". The game surrounds teamwork and cooperation to defeat the other team's objective. Through defending or offensive gameplay, this game is a strong team-based game. 

Unlike Call of Duty, this game has 9 playable characters:

  1. Scout is the speedy guy.
  2. Soldier is the rocket man.
  3. Pyro is the m1+w styled class.
  4. Demoman is the mess Valve keeps buffing and nerfing.
  5. Heavy is the mess Valve completely ignores.
  6. Engineer sits in a corner building sentries.
  7. Medic heals people.
  8. Sniper kills Heavies.
  9. Spies kills Snipers.

Through team objectives, each of these classes are important to a team. This game is still a rip-off to Call of Duty for being a shooting game and features guns. 

Unlike Call of Duty, this game is more comical, including:

  • Conga Parties
  • Bonus Ducks
  • Bumper Cars
  • Relax Rancho 
  • Mario Kart servers
  • Hoovies
  • Muselk
  • Sandvich parties
  • Bread parties
  • Solid Snake boxes

It's still a rip-off for having robots instead of zombies.