This is the third episode of minecraft animated. Best anime ever. Balloonz boy and the History teacher die.

Characters Edit

Transcript Edit

History Teacher: Where am I?

Balloonz boy: You're in hell. You probably got killed by super fucking minecraft kid, let's work together and fucking kill him.

History Teacher: Okay.

(Goes to Michael and Steve)

Balloonz boy: Yeahaha!

Super Minecraft Kid: What was that? (Attacks balloonz boy with diamond sword) Take that you piece of FUCKING SHIT! YOU CAUSED ALL MY HATRED! I HATE YOU!! YOU CALL ME THE CRINGE PRINCE YOU FAT NIGGER!!!!!!!!!

(Cut to History Teacher)

History Teacher: ''Noo, I was in love with him cause I'm fucking gay!"

Super Minecraft Kid: Fuck you, History Teacher! Fuck you, fucking hate you for fucking for failing me on that fucking test! FUCK YOU! YOU DON'T EVEN DESERVE TO LIVE AGAIN!! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GIVE ME THAT F ON MY FINAL GRADE!! NOW I'M FUCKING GROUNDED!!!

(History Teacher destroys Michael's sword)

History Teacher: Take this!

Super Minecraft Kid: Fuck, my fucking sword! (Michael looks sad) Now I have no fucking diamond sword. Fuck!

(Chica punches the History Teacher)

Chica: Take this!

History Teacher: Fuck! Fucking hit me.

(Cut to Michael, Chica, and Steve)

Super Minecraft Kid: Chica you saved me.

Chica: Well it was the least that I could do, you saved me from that fucking gay Bonnie. So I'm gonna help you and give you a new sword.

Super Minecraft Kid: Aw fuck yeah, butter sword! Let's go!