In the earliest ever times, Minecraft was created by Markus "Notch" Persson and Mojang. Together they created one of the best games of all times, and for generations this game influenced many people through creativity and inspiration, as known as one of the first games of all times. This game inspired games like Mario, Team Fortress 2, Zelda, and Sonic but we all know those games are obvious rip offs, claimed by Super Minecraft Kid, the god of everything.

As we all know, this game has a deep story and meaning behind this simple yet amazing first person sanbox game. It's the year 2025, mothahfuckin demons from the planet Jupiter have invaded the Manhattan portal. The leader of., united states called upon Master Steve, Notch's step-brother's half-cousin to annihilate the 2.5 billion creepers and skeletons. Meanwhile on Jupiter's secret moon, the Octodecellion scum plan to resurrect demon-lord Dill Clyntin into a mecha doomsday machine. Steve was sent in a stranded land and was missioned to survive and reach the Ender Dragon before Dill Clyntin destroys the Skyworld and possibly the world. Surprisingly Dill Clyntin is lazy so Steve has about 2 billion years to destroy the Ender Dragon while killing Zombies, Creepers, and Skeletons from killing Steve. 

Meanwhile, there's a multiplayer option for people who don't like the story's plot. There's only one server and it's called "Mineplex". All other servers are not as good compared to this server. The main game is Survival Games, which in popular belief is the best gamemode on the server. The goal is to grab food and weapons from chests around the map to survive. Last man standing wins absolutely nothing but bragging rights for 5 seconds.


The amount of hate Minecraft gets is unbelievable, which many haters claim that it's gay and retarded. It's not true because this is the best game ever made and all the other games are rip-offs. Compared to Mario, it's easy to see that this game has more replayability. 

Although people of all ages love this game. From kids to adults, this is the most well-known game ever made, and was currently bought by Microsoft because it was so popular. Super Minecraft Kid has his name for a reason because of Minecraft.


  • There's a lot of blocks.
  • Punch wood to get wood.
  • Place the wood in the inventory crafting table and you get 4 wooden planks each.
  • 8 stone blocks in a circle creates a furnace.
  • Skeletons can occasionally drop bows.
  • A Nether Portal is created with 10-14 Obsidian and a flint & steel.
  • Diamonds are valuable.
  • Lapis is pointless.
  • Creepers are jerks.
  • Zombies are stupid.
  • SkyDoesMinecraft is a Youtuber.
  • Super Minecraft Kid's username is "Flourtownbrown"