"MINECRAFT ANIMATED EPISODE 3! CHICA SAVES ME" is the third episode of Super Minecraft Kid's animated series. In this episode, the History Teacher finds himself inside Five Nights at Freddy's, where he teams up with Balloonz Boy to get revenge on Super Minecraft Kid for killing him in Episode 1. After Balloonz Boy is killed, History Teacher destroys Michael's diamond sword, but he falls unconscious thanks to Chica. The episode ends with Chica giving Michael a butter (golden) sword.

Characters Edit




History Teacher

Ballonz Boy (debut)

Transcript Edit

(History Teacher is inside Hell)

History Teacher: Where am I?

(Balloonz Boy appears next to him)

Balloonz Boy: You're in hell. You probably got killed by Super fucking Minecraft Kid. Let's work together and fucking kill him.

History Teacher: Okay.

(scene cuts to Super Minecraft Kid and Steve)

Balloonz Boy: Heh heh heh!

Steve: What was that?

(Super Minecraft Kid kills Balloonz Boy)

Super Minecraft Kid: Take that you piece of FUCKING SHIIT!!! YOU CAUSED ALL MY HATRED!! I HATE YOU!!! YOU CALLED ME THE (unrecognisable language), NIGGER!!

(Balloonz Boy is dead. Cut to History Teacher, who looks upset)

History Teacher: No! I was in love with him, 'cause I'm fucking gay!

Super Minecraft Kid: Fuck you, History Teacher! Fuck you! Fucking hate you for fucking failing me on that fucking... test! FUCK YOU! YOU DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE AGAIN!!! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO HAVE TO GIVE ME THE 'F' MY FINAL GRADE?!?!?!?! NOW I FUCKING GROUNDED!!!!

(Super Minecraft Kid is about to kill History Teacher)

History Teacher: Take this! Fuck the fucking sword! (he destroys the diamond sword)

Super Minecraft Kid: Now I have no fucking diamond sword. Fuck!

Chica: Take this! (punches History Teacher)

History Teacher: Fuck! Fucking hit me!

Super Minecraft Kid: Chica, you saved me.

Chica: Well, it was the least that I could do. Yo saved me from that fucking gay Bonnie! So, I'm going to help you, and give you a new sword.

Super Minecraft Kid: Aw, fuck yeah! Butter sword! Let's go!