History Teacher
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Vital statistics
Position Teacher
Age middle age
Status livn at the fullest (in hell away from earape and kancer)
Physical attributes
Height 5'4
Weight 123 Pounds

The History teacher is easily the coolest guy in the series, in fact he's the main protagonist. He constantly runs into earape child and has to get him out of the way so he can grade all the papers in class. He's a pro at Minecraft and is good friends with Steve, together they stop earape kid throughout the series. His husband Balloon boy holds him dear as well. Once the poor guy was stabbed by earape kid and was immediately sent to the hospital where he had to have a liver transplant due to internal bleeding. Because to this experience, he now loathes earape kid. Later after earape kid threw a hissy fit, Super murder kancer (earape kid) shot him in his left lung, then in his eye. He fell to the ground, then earape kancer poured bleach into his mouth and eyes. His last blurs of reality were Steve crying as he lost a dear friend, and the painful sound of earape kid talking. Right after he died, Super earape kancer cut open his chest cavity and started ripping out his intestines....

Deaths Edit

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The History teacher dies 2 times (Possibly 3) in Minecraft animated.

Killer Weapon Status
rape child Diamond Sword Went to hell then came back to life
Chica Fist not sure if he died but does come back episodes later
rape child Butter Sword Dead since his intense came out.

Relations Edit

Superminecraftkid (Rape child) Edit

The History Teacher hates SMK because his past experiences where SMK has assaulted him several times, and SMK is the overall main antagonist. He constantly gets in the way and interrupts class to talk about is affair fantasies with a robot chicken at a crappy restaurant he constantly goes to (which may or may not be a mental asylum). He also has been driven to smoke marijuana to drive away the insanity of SMK's existence.

Balloonz Boy Edit

It didn't take long before The History Teacher confessed his love to Balloonz Boy. The met at a restaurant and had a remarkable similarity (which actually everyone shares), they hate Super EARAPE Kancer.

Minecraft and FNAF haters Edit

He is considered to be one of these just for the sake of hating SMK.

Chica, Steve,JWM321 and SMK's Subscribers Edit

He hates them as they team up to run around raping ears with their nonsense.

Mario Edit

He is a fan of Mario's dedicated games, from 1983 to 2016 (when he was murdered).

Trivia Edit

  • He appears to have Minecraft, due to the fact that he can warp onto the Minecraft dimension.
  • He stated that he is gay and had a crush on Balloonz boy.
  • He is presumably a Five nights at Freddy's hater,since they fight by his side in the great war in episode 6.
  • It seems he also knows Bonzi buddy, as he took the history teacher's side, fighting Super minecraft kid directly before he was killed by a strike to the heart.
  • He makes a cameo in the second season on the news.
  • Literally the best human on the earth.

Quotes Edit

  • I'm soo coooooooooool
  • yeah boi im so high i could leave this trash planet
  • i take weed because it makes me happy


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