"fnaf lets play 2" is the second playthrough of Five Nights at Freddy's on Super Minecraft Kid's videos. This is Super Minecraft Kid's 2nd attempt to play through the first night without getting scared. He is scared of the jumpscares in Five Nights at Freddy's and calms himself down by listening to his fnaf song cover when he wasn't able to bring up the monitors in the security cameras, as he wasn't able to play this game. When the screen becomes blank, Super Minecraft Kid was heard screaming hinting he died by one of the animatronics.


  • It was hinted that Super Minecraft Kid made a video but was caught by his dad because he was swearing, so he claims he won't be swearing on his videos.
    • Ironically he says more swears in his later videos.
  • It was revealed that he has a deviantART account here .
  • The Fan in the room is not scary,
  • It was hinted that he gets scared so hard that he'll punch the computer screen.