Five Nights at Freddy's (Abbreviated FNAF) is the worst game ever created by Scott Cawthon, as said by smk that it's the best game. The game started getting exceeding amount of success and grew as one of the most popular games in less than a month. FNAF's plot is as follows according to Game Theory:

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria opens up a 2nd restaurant after the first one, as that place was apparently spooky. The animatronics were stuffed by dead bodies of kids by Purple Guy who is speculated to be Phone Guy. The Marionette hates Purple Guy and wants to bring peace to the animatronics Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy. Some years later, a new restaurant opens and stuff goes as same like last time because apparently the workers at Freddy's Pizzaria though it was a good idea to use the haunted animatronics in another Freddy's Pizzaria, like if there's some sort of killing at a restaurant it should be fucking closed god damn it plot.

Anyway, shiz happens and FNAF3 opens it to Springtrap, who is also dead Phone Guy inside. Like why does Phone Guy want to kill the security guard?! Why not try to kill the animatronics again in an invinsible suit of foam? And apparently FNAF4 is set in a children's room I don't fucking get it are the animatronics this kid's toys long before Freddy's Pizzaria IS THE KID THE FUCKING MURDERER? Just because you were bullied by 4 kids doesn't give a damn excuse to stuff kids in these toy suits, it's crazy bro arrest people already the cops in this game are nonexistent.


It's the best game ever, why is there hate? The only people who hate Five Nights at Freddy's is because they don't know what a goooooooooooooooooood game is. 

But for real it's because the game has a unique mechanic and lore that captivates the player, and Markiplier supported success in this game, making Scott the richest man alive.

Except it's a rip of of Minecraft becus it has doors that open and close with power, lik iern doors in Minecraft


  • FNAF1 is the original.
  • FNAF2 is the prequel.
  • FNAF3 is the sequel.
  • FNAF4 is the prequel's prequel I think.
  • FNAF1 has 5 animatronics.
  • FNAF2 has I think 10 animatronics.
  • FNAF3 has 1 animatronic.
  • FNAF4 is released on October. August, Scott Changed his mind, again.
  • FNAF3 doesn't follow original lore
  • FNAFW is gay
  • FNAFSS is skary
  • FNAF is skary
  • Smk did a reaction video on Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and got a bit mad that he had to wait until the end of October.
  • A person on YouTube reviewed smk's "stop hating on fnaf" video. Check it out here.
  • His FNAF song covers were terrible.
  • FNAF is the best game next to minecraft.
  • Chica is hot
  • Freddy is cool
  • Bonnie is gay
  • Foxy is awesome