• ThatDanganronpaFan

    It's me! Thanos! And I'm here today with some Big News!!!

    Me and Steven have started working on our own Version of Season 2, and we promise that it won't disappoint.

    We may finish Episode 1 probably on La February 2019, at the very Least.

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  • Darkwing Duckness

    Hey guys, Killer Duck here and this is an update for the wiki. I would consider this wiki dead, but there's so many things to expand on to this Youtuber. Since I have no dedication, this wiki could be classified as an anarchy wiki where you can post anything that isn't breaking the Terms of Use. I rarely check this wiki because I procrastinate and I am busy with actual projects, since I check this wiki once a day or something.

    We are hiring mods, since I'm desperate. You don't need to have any skills to work for this wikia. My current mods are never here anymore. So much hate.

    You may have also noticed that I have a free chat where you can chat with your friends (or anarchy spam) without mods around. I mean theres literally different places …

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  • TheGreatMeal

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